Monday 14th April, 2014
One of the oddest things about making a film and setting it free is seeing it appear in unexpected places – like this Spanish review of the movie at Zona Zero. (We’re assured it says nice... Read more →
Monday 13th May, 2013
We've been quiet lately, huh? News is limited while we inch toward getting our next project off the ground. (Of course, EXIT remains available to watch right now! Rent or buy it in HD! Recommend it... Read more →
Friday 15th March, 2013
With its long-awaited - by us, anyway - release in Australia via iTunes, a few local reviews have appeared. First in The Big Issue, where Anthony Morris writes about EXIT and its VOD release:. "This... Read more →
Tuesday 5th February, 2013
If you're in Melbourne on February 19th, you have the opportunity to see EXIT surrounded by the city that inspired it. Rooftop Cinema is presenting a special screening of the film, and they describe... Read more →
Wednesday 30th January, 2013
After a few months of availability on demand in North America, EXIT has finally expanded its reach to its place of birth. It just seemed wrong somehow that those who walk the same streets as in the... Read more →
Sunday 6th January, 2013
Are 'Best Of' lists just "sports for non-sport people", as critic Emily Nussbaum once put it? Maybe. But it's amazing how different they feel when something you made appears on one... EXIT appears... Read more →
Thursday 20th December, 2012
Along with iTunes and Amazon Instant, EXIT is now available to watch on Hulu if you're in the USA. (Why not watch it on all three?). If you're somewhere else in the world? We'll have some exciting... Read more →
Friday 2nd November, 2012
If you've been curious to see EXIT but haven't caught it at its festival appearances, it's finally available via the wonders of video on demand. (Well, available in the US and Canada, anyway. We're... Read more →
Thursday 11th October, 2012
There is a giant, disused building in the middle of the city. Its location is a carefully guarded secret, but right now it's being covertly transformed into a unique performance space for Melbourne... Read more →
Thursday 6th September, 2012
We’re happy to announce that EXIT has been selected to screen at the 5th Annual Arizona Underground Film Festival – the “biggest underground film festival in the country!” .... Read more →
Wednesday 11th July, 2012
Back in May, EXIT played to a packed cinema at the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival. We wish we could have attended in person, but were hugely pleased with everything we heard about the film's... Read more →
Friday 6th April, 2012
At the end of last year, Quiet Earth – the self-proclaimed “UHF of the film world” – saw the trailer to EXIT and were inspired to write an article about it. In fact, they... Read more →
Thursday 15th December, 2011
While we’re in the awkward twilight zone between premiering the movie and being able to announce some upcoming exciting news, let’s talk about the fourth wall. In EXIT, characters speak... Read more →
Monday 29th August, 2011
Just before EXIT's premiere at Fantasia, Anne Richey from Screenhub got some of the people behind the movie on the phone to explain its long, winding evolution. "One of the stories was about 'a cult... Read more →
Wednesday 17th August, 2011
EXIT was finished only a few days before we stuffed it into our carry-on luggage and began the long journey from Melbourne to Montreal for the 15th annual Fantasia Festival. And we had a blast while... Read more →
Saturday 23rd July, 2011
Over at Spectacular Optical, Kier-La Janisse writes a great piece about three examples of "cerebral sci-fi" showing at this year's Fantasia Festival: Mike Cahill’s Another Earth, William... Read more →
Sunday 10th July, 2011
The full programme for Montreal’s Fantasia Festival has gone live, and with it details of EXIT’s world premiere as part of their Camera Lucida spotlight. . Programmer Simon... Read more →
Wednesday 6th July, 2011
For the technically-minded out there, EXIT was just featured in a long piece over at Digital Media World. It tracks how technology changed over the three years of shooting, and how how "future proof"... Read more →
Tuesday 28th June, 2011
We’re pleased as hell to finally be able to announce that the world premiere of EXIT will be at the upcoming Fantasia Festival in Montreal! . Fantasia has been described by Quentin Tarantino as... Read more →
Sunday 12th June, 2011
Just out of curiosity, we quizzed some of the crew on what film they thought would best complement EXIT if watched as a double feature in a single sitting. (The first answer – “What about... Read more →
Friday 6th May, 2011
There's some big news looming for EXIT, so we thought it was time we finally embraced twitter. Feel free to follow us for updates, links, and the occasional bad joke. We're also on facebook if you're... Read more →
Thursday 31st March, 2011
One side effect of the strange genesis of EXIT is the trail of material left in its wake. Discarded characters, unused monologues, too-weird ideas and – even further back – stuff like A... Read more →
Thursday 10th March, 2011
Kylie Trounson – EXIT’s own Alice – is an accomplished playwright as well as actor. We’d like to offer belated congratulations to Kylie for the Green Room nomination for her... Read more →
Sunday 16th January, 2011
There was never any real discussion about what our film would be called. It was always EXIT; nothing else made sense. . 'Exit' isn't exactly an unpopular title in cinema, though. There's a Swiss... Read more →
Wednesday 12th January, 2011
It's enjoyably surreal to see people talking about EXIT around the world. Here is a great piece - or so we're assured by our Spanish-speaking producer - about EXIT's teaser trailer. Read more →
Monday 27th December, 2010
"In early April, I began to move in a different world. I was conscious of a new plane. I had a new relationship to space." . Recently the must-listen science podcast RadioLab examined the case of... Read more →
Monday 20th December, 2010
EXIT is featured over on the excellent TwitchFilm, who focus on international, independent and cult cinema. They write:. "Vague, abstract, but definitely a tease, the first footage for Australian,... Read more →
Monday 6th December, 2010
Here's Patrick McCabe, EXIT's editor, interviewed by the AFI as one of Australia's emerging editors. AFI: What is it about editing that you love? What’s your favourite thing about it?. .... Read more →
Wednesday 1st December, 2010
No, this isn't the trailer to EXIT - although perhaps it should be... . Read more →
Monday 15th November, 2010
Welcome to EXIT. We all feel like we've been making this movie for so long that it should be showing up on late night TV just before the infomercials kick in - but now, as it's only inches from... Read more →